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Sabah English Teachers Debate Team Roll Call

I still remember the day I was conscripted into the Sabah English Teacher Debate Team. Julia Jock just came up to me and told me to get ready. I must've have not said much because my memories of that block of time has huge holes in it and she didn't react adversely. I mean, if I'd said no, the matter would've gone into a longer exchange of words, right?

However, I DID remember thinking,"WHAT??? Teacher debate??? Do they think we have nothing to do???" Well, since then, I've found that every newbie to the Ministry of Education English Teacher Debate competition would have a similar reaction. However, in my case, as it was JULIA who called the shots, it was far better to go along than to attempt an escape. All who have had similar dealings with Julia Willie Jock would agree with me.

Well, it's been 15 years since that fateful day. I will never forget receiving the Crystal Vase from the Prime Minister himself... and I even got a little crystal trophy of my take home and keep. And the competition has gone from strength to strength. The organisers in Institut Aminuddin Baki keep doing it better and better. This year (2009) marks another milestone. The powers-that-be have decided that the teachers are ready for University Debate-style pressure. The motion will only be given to the teachers one hour before the competition. Ah, what glee. Not.

But honestly, I'm happy about it. This is a sign that they (said powers) have decided the English teachers of Malaysia have attained a respectable level of competency in debates. Somehow, over the years, despite the lack of support (in terms of training), the teachers have been able to acquire skills in debating so as to appear half-decent on a stage...okay, okay, I'm being sarcastic here.

Let it be noted here though, that I have never regretted being involved in debates (1994 till now) and that I've made many friends in the course of the debates (boh students and teachers).

Okay, time for ROLL CALL! Line them up and here they are....:)

1994 National Champs (INAUGURAL COMPETITION) - Alor Setar, Kedah
Rachel Goh Siew Lay, Johanna Sibyl Disimond, Neil Mah, Roslyn Tunggolou, Wan Hailah

1995 National Level Semi Finalist (Johor)
Johanna Sibyl Disimond, Neil Mah, Kenneth Chye, Lu Gen Wah (Sandakan), Wan Hailah or Rachel Goh?

1996 - 1999
No information (please email if you have this info)

Annabelle Funk, Mior Azman bin Musa, Azlina

Annabelle Funk, Mior Azman bin Musa, Beatrice Lye, Royani Abd Hamid

2002 National Champs (Kota Kinabalu)

Beatrice Lye, Annabelle Funk, Audrey Koh Sui Ean, Annie Molly, Fidelia Mathew Sipaun (replaced Adrian Robert)

2003 National Runners-Up (Penang)
Beatrice Lye, Annabelle Funk, Audrey Koh Siew Ean, Perry Ronald Lim, Henry Nicholas Lee

2004 National Champs (Shah Alam)
Perry Ronald Lim, Albert Harry @ Alexander, Audrey Koh Sui Ean, Geoffrey Allen Sabayoi, Tok Fen Fen

2005 National Runners-Up (Seremban)
Perry Ronald Lim, Albert Harry, Tok Fen Fen, Alvin Chan, Gan Si Wah Roselind

2006 Zone D Level Runners-Up (Labuan)
Perry Ronald Lim, Alvin Chan, Albert Harry, Tok Fen Fen

2007 Zone D Level Semi-finalists (Putrajaya) --- Sarawak National Champion
Perry Ronald Lim, Alvin Chan, Albert Harry, Henry Nicholas Lee, Tok Fen Fen

2008 National Champs (Melaka)
Henry Nicholas Lee, Alvin Chan, Robert Moisi, Anuthra Sirisena, Ann Doreen Dorall

2009 Zone-level Semifinalists (Kedah)
Christie Koh, Nor'ain Hadhira Ayob, Jennedy Peter, Mohd Syaharil Madlan, Jason Lakasa

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