Thursday, April 09, 2009

Monday Blues To The Power Of TEN!

It's still only Thursday but I'm already suffering Monday blues.

Received a call to tell me not to forget to go to the office (read that as the PPD : new place of work) on Monday and that I had a meeting to attend that day itself.  "Oh btw, there are reports to submit...could you ~do~ them?"


Well, maybe I can't do them as maybe Monday will be my first day on the job.  Maybe lah....

Argghhhh, this is what I do not like about moving on to a new job.  I'll be picking up the reins and the headaches as well.  People also keep congratulating me...but they are not aware this is not a fact, I'd be losing out on two allowances: the incentive for teaching in English and the Senior Assistant allowance.

The relevant terms in the title of the letter are : Arahan Perpindahan Setara.

I'm so not looking forward to Monday... : (

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