Thursday, January 01, 2009

Brand New Year With Brand New Happenings!

It's a brand new year and with it, comes brand new days.

What's going to happen this year, I wonder?  I hope for better things.  I'm planning for a new house and that would mean new surroundings... hmmm, wonder if I should transfer school?  But I'm pretty happy in my current place of work.  Lots of people with get-up-and-go there.  A positive attitude is so important...

Yesterday we had our staff meeting and I made sure to stress on the positive aspects.  So the meeting was a long string of good stuff.  It was a good thing to see the teachers cheerful and happily chatting outside the meeting room afterwards. 

On the home front, decisions were being made (FINALLY! *roll eyes*) and that was a positive start to the year.  Well, at least I thought so. 

2009, roll on!

*eyes crunched close and praying hard*