Friday, February 27, 2009

The Donal Bebek Virus

I. Am. Really. Pissed. Off.
I. Am. Looking. At. A. Few. Wasted. Hours. Just. Cleaning. Up. This. Donal. Bebek. Virus.

Like I have nothing better to do.


P/S Donal Bebek = Donald Duck??????

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What Do You Live For?

Was in my English class. And I don't know how the topic came up but I asked them,"Why are you alive? Why do you live? What do you think of when you wake up in the morning?"

There were only about six or seven boys in class (the others were taking an ICT course in the resource centre). They stared at me half-amused and half-befuddled...yeah, the quirky English teacher..never know what she's gonna say and look at her now...she's doing it again.

But I LIKE asking philosophical questions. It's at least half a kilo better than saying,"Okay, open your book to page 29." Don't you think so?

I especially like asking questions that make my students think. And ask. And ponder.

When I pressed them for answers, one said,"We live for God...for the glory of God."
Smart boy. And he's only sixteen.

Otherwise what else are we on this planet for? To go to school/work? To earn money? To bitch at people?

I believe I'm on this planet to do justice to this life that God has given me. It's like God has said,"Okay girl, here's your life. Let's see what you can do with it." Some people interpret that to mean a life full of prayer, good works etc.
I'm trying (God, I truly AM.) ..but I think I have a different role to play.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Benchmarking Visit to La Salle, Tanjung Aru

My schoolteachers and I went on a benchmarking visit to La Salle Secondary School in Tanjung Aru today. And it was great.

Since I left in 1999, it has changed almost beyond all recognition. The basic buildings are still there but...

The principal's parking spot has been replaced by a corridor of benches and noticeboards of information. Looks so good...and I could've spent hours just reading all the info about the school displayed there.

The old teachers' resource centre has been transformed into a 'bilik gerakan' (activity/meeting room).

The documentation room was full of faux leather-bound volumes. One of the teachers who walked into the room blurted out,"Wow, theses!" I was very quick to power up my camera and begin clicking.

There is an impressive-looking Wall of Fame along the fencing where the Junior Block hostel used to be. Shiny big stars..:)

The computer lab no longer looks like a science lab being used as a computer room. Sexy flat panel LCDs and minimalist decor ...ha ha ha. I particularly liked the partitioned server room.

The old wooden buildings that were wings of the main admin block in the Junior Campus (yep, they call it a CAMPUS now!) are gone. Replaced by concrete buildings with lots of space. I was struck dumb by the student activity hall. I asked Mariana if she could think of any other school that had TWO halls. Well, not in Kota Kinabalu, that's for sure. And I'm not talking about a great hall plus a dinky open space carved out in some corner of the school. Wanted to drool but that would've been unseemly.

The small open space (with skylight) outside Jr Block staffroom (didn't check to see whether it was STILL Jr Campus staffroom) no longer had rows of portraits...but was hung with banners.

The archive display room was where the treasures were. All those pictures and old trophies... Wan Suryani grabbed my arm and dragged me over to a wall of photos. "Look at us!" she proclaimed.

Oh yeah...look at us. All those staff photos... I don't know where I put MY copies of the pics but there they were blown up and displayed for posterity. There was my 24-yr-old self...and my 26-yr-old self... they probably had pics of me doing the chicken dance somewhere...:) No lah...I only ever did the chicken dance in university.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Crash and Burn

Being a teacher is so tiring...not just mentally but also physically. Now I can add 'physiologically' to the list :)

Crashed and burned last week. I started feeling weak and floaty and being familiar with the sensations, quickly started dosing myself with 100plus and chicken essence. And water and multivitamins and the ultimate medicine...SLEEP. Two days later, I wasn't feeling better and went to the doc. Blood pressure was 90/60. Doctor wanted to put me on the drip.

Yeah, I know, my body is telling me to stop killing myself. Stop sleeping late, waking up early and all the stuff that's not good for my well-being.

But my problem is I am never satisfied with what I have done and I'm always thinking,"Should've been better...should've done extra..". My students mewl a little bit and I'm already turning cartwheels with bigger and better lessons. The teachers hem and haw a little bit and I'm already spinning rainbows with greater and finer plans.

I must be mental....honestly.

Going to slow down now. Take a break.