Monday, February 16, 2009

Crash and Burn

Being a teacher is so tiring...not just mentally but also physically. Now I can add 'physiologically' to the list :)

Crashed and burned last week. I started feeling weak and floaty and being familiar with the sensations, quickly started dosing myself with 100plus and chicken essence. And water and multivitamins and the ultimate medicine...SLEEP. Two days later, I wasn't feeling better and went to the doc. Blood pressure was 90/60. Doctor wanted to put me on the drip.

Yeah, I know, my body is telling me to stop killing myself. Stop sleeping late, waking up early and all the stuff that's not good for my well-being.

But my problem is I am never satisfied with what I have done and I'm always thinking,"Should've been better...should've done extra..". My students mewl a little bit and I'm already turning cartwheels with bigger and better lessons. The teachers hem and haw a little bit and I'm already spinning rainbows with greater and finer plans.

I must be mental....honestly.

Going to slow down now. Take a break.

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