Friday, June 26, 2009

Data Collection Glitches...

My head hurts...

For the past one week, I've been dealing with what I call 'ICT glitches'. I've been collecting and compiling data from schools and for the most part, it's been a breeze. However, the glitches which sit like a pebble in my shoe are quite numerous.

I've been given data in MS Word format, despite the fact that I distributed an MS Excel template. Try copy and paste data from MS Word to MS Excel and multiply that by about 400 entries. I guarantee a frustrating time.

I've been given incomplete information, resulting in the following exchanges:

Me : But this is not complete.
X : Yes, I cannot get the info.
Me : WHY??
X : The individuals forgot their serial number.
Me : Isn't it in their document?
X : They don't know where they put their document.
Me : There are two documents that contain this info.
X : Yes, they cannot find either one.
Me : ><

A similar exchange:
Me : But this is not complete.
X : Yes, I cannot get the info.
Me : WHY??
X : The individuals forgot their serial number.
Me : Isn't it in their document?
X : Uh...they don't have the doc anymore.
Me : You mean, they saw their result and they crumpled the document into a ball and tossed it into the sky.
X : Uh...*deer-caught-in-the-spotlight-look*
Me : ><

But for me, the most painful is not an ICT's a human glitch.

X : Good morning, may I know what I'm supposed to hand in?


Some information has been modified or altered in the above post to protect the identities of certain people.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two Months Out Of School

I SAID I wouldn't say anything about which place I prefer yet.  I SAID I had to give the new place a chance.

But sometimes when the writing bug hits you, it hits you.  And so I want to say what I feel about my transfer to the new place.

First, the positive bits.  Always mention the good stuff first... classic approach.
I am where things are decided at the district level and I can say things like I wanna be emcee for the Asian Schools Football Cup pretty please!  Or organize things the way I want them done...such as the way data is compiled and analyzed.  I can sit in an air conditioned room the whole day and make calls and surf the official websites (other sites are blocked...LOL...).  The working hours is not really a factor as I spent the same number of hours (and MORE!) in SMKKL.

But the negative aspects...
There are no students to teach and no classes to conduct.  And it's not the same as SMKKL.  Yeah, I like that school and its lovable mish-mash of eccentric people (both teachers and students) and peculiar mix of bitter & sweet.  Sigh..

After having tasted the admin world (6 years in SPA) and school, I think I am someone who needs to teach. 
Or maybe I just need a few more months..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Ripple Effect : Part Two

There are positive ripples...and there are negative ripples.

A case in point is a friend of mine, who did something she believed
was right for her. Unfortunately the majority didn't view it as positively as she did. And till today, whatever she does that resembles the old action is seen as suspect. And she is treated accordingly.

What is happening to her is kinda like ripples that keep destroying as they go on and on.

Some may say, who dares to judge? But then again, we all live in a society. This society needs rules in order to function properly. And these rules are guarded closely...sometimes even viciously. The alternative, you see, is chaos. Well, at least I think so.

That is why we should be careful about the things we do and the things we say. They have a way of living on ... way beyond our own short memories.

Today too, I heard this during a briefing :

When you change your thinking, you change your beliefs.
When you change your beliefs, you change your expectations.
When you change your expectations, you change your attitude.
When you change your attitude, you change your behaviour.
When you change your behaviour, you change your performance.
When you change your performance, you change your life.

I wish I could tell this to that friend of mine.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Form Six Teachers In Turmoil

On the 22nd of June 2009, 105 teachers from Kota Kinabalu (including Penampang) will be sitting in KK HIgh School Auditorium, waiting to receive their letters and waiting to be given their briefing.

On the same day, a few hundred others will be OUTSIDE said auditorium, feeling all kinds of emotions.  I foresee emotions such as disappointment, anger, despondency, envy. bafflement, jealousy, fury... distress.

And afterwards, this turmoil will cause problems in school :P  No need for me to elaborate.

The moral of the story : plan better next time before one implements something.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Angels In Our Lives

I've had angels in my world all my life....

They manifest themselves in ...
C who calls me up to 'blast' me about things I do (which I don't always appreciate...heh heh)
L who talks about swords, prayers and angels :D
A who gave me a much-needed push ;) in 2003
AD who gave me a wake-up call about my relationship with God
J who got me involved in debates a long long time ago
JJ who kept me sane and on-track during my Masters program
H who drinks coffee with me and listens listens listens

.... oh, so many earth angels...

And now my latest angel just called me up to offer a course to help... of all people, K, a person close to me. Really out of the blue and a welcome surprise to start off my day.

And the added 'benefit'...K would only attend the course if I went along. How could I refuse such an opportunity?