Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Angels In Our Lives

I've had angels in my world all my life....

They manifest themselves in ...
C who calls me up to 'blast' me about things I do (which I don't always appreciate...heh heh)
L who talks about swords, prayers and angels :D
A who gave me a much-needed push ;) in 2003
AD who gave me a wake-up call about my relationship with God
J who got me involved in debates a long long time ago
JJ who kept me sane and on-track during my Masters program
H who drinks coffee with me and listens listens listens

.... oh, so many earth angels...

And now my latest angel just called me up to offer a course to help... of all people, K, a person close to me. Really out of the blue and a welcome surprise to start off my day.

And the added 'benefit'...K would only attend the course if I went along. How could I refuse such an opportunity?

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