Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lovely lovely Tech Gadgets

Was in Midvalley Megamall last Thursday.  Drooled over the latest HP Ipaq... but didn't care for the price tag.  Not while I have humongous credit card bills to clear. 

So I console myself by surfing the gadget sites and hanging out in  And by upgrading software in my PDA and downloading more pretty themes at and Pocket McDeb

Well, I suppose going nuts over PDAs is much cheaper than going nuts over cars.  That hobby cost me a bomb.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Going Off On An Adventure...

Beth just left for Brisbane yesterday... she's currently waiting for her connecting flight in Singapore. I'm so excited for her...

It is so weird... In 1999, I was all ready to pack up and go. My destination was different. A few years in Singapore and then I would've gone on to Hawaii...or some other destination (but Hawaii was top of the list, thanks to Dr Hyacinth Gaudart). Then things happened and my plans changed for good. No regrets, though.

But I would love to know every bit that happens to Beth...