Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fail Meja and Manual Prosedur Kerja

Good news for those in search of Fail Meja Ketua Panitia and Manual Prosedur Kerja.  It's now available in ebook form at
Guru Bashid himself said that he is not creating new material but just repackaging information that is freely available.  But you know the 'sakit jiwa' of retyping documents, right?

I just made payment via and am now waiting for the download link.  Hope this is legit but I think it is because Guru Bashid has a blog online ( and when I browsed through it, he looks authentic.  And he's worked in SM Sains Sabah before!

So is anyone going to retype the old pekelilings and the garispanduans and sell them as ebooks?  Opportunity is knocking...:)
I know someone who compiled all the SPs and HSPs into a CD complete with index.  But I don't know what he's going to do with it...


I'm sitting at my office desk right now.  In front of me is a Form 5 student taking her English test (she was absent during the test last week).  Under my table is a pile of papers to be marked. 

Let me list them out:
English Form 5 Paper 1 - two essays per student
English Form 5 Paper 2
MUET Listening answer sheets - MCQ, thanks to the guys at MPM!
MUET Reading answer sheets - MCQ as well (and my partner marked them for me! Thanks bunches, Florence!)
MUET Writing answers - summary & directed writing..grooooaaann..

Not so many to do, right?

But BEHIND ME sits fearsome documents - school's strategic plan drafts and school's headcount data.

Okay, I'm going now. The slave's gotta get back to work.


EPF Monies : What To Do?

Met with my unit trust agent yesterday.  He laid out columns of numbers and umpteen charts in front of me.  Basically what he was showing me was a 7.8% appreciation in my investment made just a month ago.  That means, if I cash out the unit trusts and return the $ to EPF, I will get 7.8% extra.  Minus management fees, of course.

Pretty good numbers, huh?  For just one month's 'work'.  But of course the bull's running in the market now. 

That made me think.  So many people are just letting their money sit in EPF when they could invest in other vehicles.  Of course they need to do their research properly.  Not all unit trusts do well.  But LIPPER and Standard & Poor are pretty good guides.  And I'll always go for Public Mutual and MAAKL.  Or wherever the three wunderkind Cheah, Wong and Sito go.

People always say,"But there's a risk in unit trusts...EPF is risk-free!"  Sure, there's always a risk in whatever venture you undertake.  The question they need to ponder is ..IS THE EPF TRULY RISK-FREE??

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Acmamall Book Sale at 25% Discount

Wanna buy books?  Acmamall is selling books at 25% discount for a limited time.. all kinds of books.  Just register yourself, click on the books you want to purchase and  key in 'MERDEKA' as your discount code just before you check out.

Take a look...