Saturday, August 11, 2007


I'm sitting at my office desk right now.  In front of me is a Form 5 student taking her English test (she was absent during the test last week).  Under my table is a pile of papers to be marked. 

Let me list them out:
English Form 5 Paper 1 - two essays per student
English Form 5 Paper 2
MUET Listening answer sheets - MCQ, thanks to the guys at MPM!
MUET Reading answer sheets - MCQ as well (and my partner marked them for me! Thanks bunches, Florence!)
MUET Writing answers - summary & directed writing..grooooaaann..

Not so many to do, right?

But BEHIND ME sits fearsome documents - school's strategic plan drafts and school's headcount data.

Okay, I'm going now. The slave's gotta get back to work.


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Anonymous said...

hehe.. If you could only see me grin at this moment :-) I wish I do Ros.. but I don't. Sometimes I do miss teaching kids in class, but not the paperwork though :-) Good luck with it. It'll get better as the years go along Ros :-)