Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Preserving My Inner Child

The other day, someone accused me of being 'naive' and he made it seem as if 'naive' is such a terrible thing to be.  As if I allow every conman on the street to trick me out of my savings and as if I buy into all the frauds and scams that fly into town.  The issue we were disagreeing over was the simple matter of trust.  I chose to trust someone else who was as yet an unknown quantity to me, giving that other person the benefit of the doubt.

I didn't give that third person the keys to my house... or the PIN to my bank accounts.... or the care of my son.... or the secrets of my life.  I merely chose to give that person my friendship. 

However, this really upset my other friend who felt I should keep a distance and observe this other person first.  Watch and wait for him to do something.  Although I do not know what it is that I am supposed to watch for...

By 'coincidence', this other friend is also the type to cultivate a coolly sarcastic facade.  No matter what people say, he always has a biting response to make.  You won't catch THIS person going starry-eyed over sunsets or skipping over waves at the edge of the beach or drooling over luscious slices of mango... no, he's way too cool for that.  So cool that he's almost frozen...LOL...

Me, I prefer to preserve my inner child. 

I'll go 'wowwww...' over orange pink skies in those elusive moments just before sunset.
I'll laugh and splash in the shallows with my son...  when he laughs with delight, it is the most beautiful sound in the world to me.
And when my son and nephews shout with excitement over blue and green and yellow fish under the island jetties, I'll be right behind them, pointing out the most colourful fishes and the biggest... and the fastest...

Perhaps that is why they say children are the ones closest to God.  They wear no masks and are open in mind and heart.
How nice if all of us could be like that... what a different place our world would be.