Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two Months Out Of School

I SAID I wouldn't say anything about which place I prefer yet.  I SAID I had to give the new place a chance.

But sometimes when the writing bug hits you, it hits you.  And so I want to say what I feel about my transfer to the new place.

First, the positive bits.  Always mention the good stuff first... classic approach.
I am where things are decided at the district level and I can say things like I wanna be emcee for the Asian Schools Football Cup pretty please!  Or organize things the way I want them done...such as the way data is compiled and analyzed.  I can sit in an air conditioned room the whole day and make calls and surf the official websites (other sites are blocked...LOL...).  The working hours is not really a factor as I spent the same number of hours (and MORE!) in SMKKL.

But the negative aspects...
There are no students to teach and no classes to conduct.  And it's not the same as SMKKL.  Yeah, I like that school and its lovable mish-mash of eccentric people (both teachers and students) and peculiar mix of bitter & sweet.  Sigh..

After having tasted the admin world (6 years in SPA) and school, I think I am someone who needs to teach. 
Or maybe I just need a few more months..

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