Sunday, January 20, 2008

I've Survived the PTK3 DG44 Course!

I've just returned from my PTK3 DG44 course and my first priority was sleep. But now I'm okay and ready to share info.

First off, whoever tells you you don't need to memorize info for the PTK3 level of exam either has never sat for the exam or has photographic memory. I had to memorize the Twelve Pillars (Tonggak12), 16 moral values (nilai2 murni), civil servant ethics code, education ministry ethics code, steps in TQM, and ALL the govt vision aims objectives policies ... (hint: acronyms help). I only wish I'd done this BEFORE I went for the exam course.

Second, the key word for this course is APPLICATION. They don't want to hear about the latest discoveries, theories or how long your bibliography pages are. They want to know how you translate govt policy into a plan of action.

Third, don't take the assignment (15-25 pages) lightly. First thing to do is understand the question. Next is prepare an answer that fulfils all requirements. I'd advise you to have more than four points.

Fourth, practise your public speaking skills in both English and Malay before you go for the course. Otherwise, you'll r e g r e t it.

Fifth, if you don't have a regular diet of vitamin pills or whatever, start a month before. This doesn't apply to those disgustingly super healthy ones. Personally, I took a cocktail of vitamin C, spirulina and memory pills. The old brain doesn't remember things like it used to. But I didn't fall sick at all and actually had to dispense some vit C to a friend.

Sixth, practise your best handwriting... the examiners complained about unreadable writing.
Personally, I discovered that my hand was more used to keyboards than pens. And you'll find yourself writing about 15 pages during the exam. And I'd put that as a minimum.

Seventh. Never used a notebook before? Don't know what's powerpoint? Better find out...

Eighth, when you go for the course, think corporate. They will evaluate you from check-in to check-out on your ketrampilan which I take to mean behaviour and dressing that befits middle managers.

Ninth, KNOW the mark scheme for all evaluations and GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT. Even if you disagree.

Tenth, work with friends and coursemates. Sharing can only boost the knowledge you have but if you're selfish with what you know and you keep it to yourself, others will not share with you either.

Now the most difficult part...waiting for the results.


wan said...

Thank you for the advise. I'm very keen to know more about your experience. Hope you will write more about every steps you mentioned above.

Roslyn said...

Hello Wan, I am not sure about what to write... there's so much that I don't know where to begin. But the best advice I can give you is plan your time, especially before the course. Make sure you finish the assignment and still have time to read.

During my course, I registered on Saturday (4pm) and we had a briefing that night. So much had to be done just that night alone. Lectures started Sunday morning and continued until Tuesday evening. At night, we had to finish planning and discussion for the group presentation, the public speaking as well as the presentation for the 25page assignment. There was NO time to study. Unless you want to steal time from your sleep. I don't know about you but I had to take time for walks outside the hotel. Maybe that helped to keep me healthy :)

So are you going for your PTK? I heard there's one on the 15th of February.

Anonymous said...

Very gratefull to get into this blog. After missing 2 yrs of PTK 3 (due to technical errors), I'm now trying to work up the asssignment. going for 5 - 12 April, Ayer Keroh Melaka. Anybody going?
Yours a timely waning. At least I can start going thru the staff seriously. Confess, not been taking this seriously. Thanks again. Auntie Fa

Roslyn said...

Hi Auntie Fa,

Yes, PTK3 should be taken seriously. At the very least, we all should pray for a pass (Aras 3). And with all the new promotion schemes, we risk being left behind while other younger teachers move ahead.

oli said...

dear blogger,
i couldn't agree more with you. I passed my PTK TK3 with a IV IV result. It's application. Translate the theories into what you usually did or what you think you should do.Wear blazers to show how smart-looking you are. Volunteer to do anything they want u to volunteer.
But it's luck also.. Sometimes the topic (for public speaking) just suit you.
You sometimes have the feeling that you've done your very best.
In the exam, dont stop writing till the end.. Write as much as u can, based on what u've done in school. Dont go to toilet during the exam. Some people do...

Roslyn said...

Hi, oli...oh you lucky lucky creature! I say lucky because so many worked like mad but still didn't get the 'lucky' numbers (4..4..).

But then again, I suspect a lot of them didn't pay attention to the application bit. I tried explaining that to one of my coursemates but he didn't get it. You obviously 'got it' and it shows in your results.

I still haven't got my results...:(

oli said...

dear roslyn,
hi.. oli here. Hope you'll get excellent result in the course.

Thanks to God for the result. I pray hard for it (solat hajat) and God answers my prayers.
But along with that i also did some research way before the course. Whenever my friends got the offer to attend the course, we will discuss the questions and I would also do some research on my own using the net.
Certain educational magazines and books also help to broaden our mind with the current educational issues.
Good luck to all of u there who will be going for the course...

Anonymous said...

can u please relate how to translate the vission and mission of KPM intro practise ? like examples, to perk the mind...tq.

Roslyn said...

When you translate the vision and mission of KPM into practice, you need to explain how one of your programmes (e.g. Program Jejak Minda) will help achieve a specific objective (e.g. modal insan). I find it easiest to use the steps of strategic planning (pengurusan strategik) to explain how my program is created, implemented and evaluated. You must have indicators for success (or KPI) and time horizons (when it started and when it ended).

Hmmm...that should help you get started. IAB has a great strategic planning module. Get a copy and you'll be very happy! I saw one in