Thursday, April 23, 2009

Treasuring The Moments In Our Lives

Today is another one of those days when I wake with an ache in the head and a weight on the shoulders. I walk into the office and I see all the letters on the table and in my pigeonhole and slipped under the door. And chirpy people breeze by, carolling,"Don't forget tonight's function ah! You're in protocol!"


So to destress, I take some time out to write.

My friends who've been with me since primary school know that I write when I am stressed. I write letters, I write notes, I write stories... and now blog posts. So far, I've written 17 posts just for the month of April...out of a total of 26 for the whole year so far.

...the best of times, the worst of times...

April 2009 is going to stand out in my thoughts for a long time to come....:/

Today I want to write about people and expectations. Everyone has expectations...of themselves and of others. And most people will have high expectations of friends or colleagues perceived to be a high achiever. Which, actually, is a natural thing. I, as a former Head of Unit and former Senior Assistant, am guilty of this.

I use the word 'guilty' because sometimes in the pursuit of an objective, I can forget that the person I am pushing (maybe, to the very brink) is still a human being; dealing with fears, insecurities, priorities and a frail human heart. He or she too has loves, hates, wants, needs...

So, when I am reminded, I back off and allow that person to be a child, a boy, a man or a be what they are, and not what they have the potential to be.

I think one of the most precious skills in life is to learn how to kick back and relax in the moment. For in the very next heartbeat, that moment is forever lost.

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