Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Would I Want To Be Young Again?

Trying out a new widget...Meebo. Useful...and helps me keep track of all my contacts in multiple IMs. In fact, I'm chatting with an old friend right now.

Topic now is "Would we want to relive our life? Would we want to be 15 again? Or 25? :)

To be 15 means I'd be back in Form Three, suffering exams and books and maths sums and history facts...I'd be in St Francis Convent, involved in mass drills under the sun, swinging ribbons to marching music. I'd be spending my afternoons finishing book after book of past year exam questions. Oh no, I'd never want to be 15 again.

To be 25 means being a young teacher in La Salle, being assigned all the tasks no senior teacher wanted. Like DEBATE! Hahhaha...and afternoon practices and weekend camps. I'd get to be secretary of the PTA. I'd be asked to be head of the Davies sports house or assistant to the head. Now that would mean long hours in the field, yelling at the students to run faster, jump higher or just shout louder. I'd be asked to drive the school van...funny no one ever asked me if I could drive it. I had fun...but nah, I wouldn't want to be 25 again. Too little pay and too little say :)

I think I'd rather be the age I am now. People listen to what I say...if only because I'm older than most of them :) I also have lots of memories and experiences in my heart, mind and soul. And oh yeah I get more money in the pay packet!

It's hard to believe that in ten more years, we'll both be half a century old. Well, she's a bit younger ...but thereabouts. Malaysian women are supposed to die around the age of 80. So I've got at least 40 more years to live....whoa, so many more things that I can do... unless I get called home earlier.



Eric Constantine said...

u look younger than ur actual age...the secret of youth: be happy...and being surrounded by students' 'young' energy..lol

Roslyn said...

I think the fountain of youth is our enthusiasm for life. As long as we are interested in the people around us, we will always be young.