Thursday, October 18, 2007

People Can Be So Wonderful

My aunt Joan has been in and out of hospital and she is due for surgery tomorrow morning.

She was actually supposed to have that surgery earlier but the blood bank was bankrupt.  Fresh out. 

Well, it WAS.

Two days ago, a doctor appealed to us to find blood donors for O+ blood type.  Otherwise my aunt would not be able to go through the surgery.  So I told my sister and did some sms sending.  Audrey went a step better (after finishing all the credit in her phone) and put up a bulletin in Friendster.

Since then, the response has been amazing.  She's had total strangers calling her up to ask her who to donate for (as they needed to complete the form at the blood bank!). Today, when Suzie Labadin went to donate at 5 pm, she was informed that she was the 10th person to do so for Joan Casius.  Today alone.  Yesterday, we know there were at least three.  We know that some people have already planned to donate tomorrow.  I doubt that my aunt can use up all those pints.  But I have a strong feeling that those extra pints will be saving some lives at Queen Elizabeth Hospital these few weeks.  After all, O blood type is Universal Donor...saves all lives!

People can be so amazing...and so beautiful.

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