Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Ripple Effect As Postulated By Roslyn :)

Today, ripples are on my mind ;)

Sometimes in the course of my work (or fun!), someone asks why I bother to do such and such.  Like why bother to blow up twenty balloons for a nephew who is not having a birthday party.  Or why bother to talk to someone who doesn't want to listen.  Well, I do some of the tiny insignificant things I do because of ripples. 

The twenty balloons may 'kill' me (blow up this many and you will know what I mean!)
or the 'deaf' friend may go his way anyway (& I have wasted my breath!) but...

The kid will be happy and stay happy for a few days...
The 'deaf' friend may remember my words one day...when the time is right.

And who knows what may happen or what may be averted?

A friend shared some realizations about prayer with me which made me sit up and think hard about my own prayer life.  Then the changes in me caught the attention of other people, who asked and they too sat up and thought hard.

It never hurts to share... the worst thing that can happen is someone doesn't care.  But the best thing that can happen is RIPPLES...

So why not create a ripple a day?  It's sure to lessen the blues in this world...!

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