Saturday, May 09, 2009

Finding The Perfect Mate

A friend called me up recently to bemoan the fact of his single status. "How do I find that one perfect girl???"

Such an ageless question. I think for as long as there are people alive on this planet (and off!), this will always be a question echoing in minds and hearts. Whether the query is from a male or female.

As someone who has been through that wringer and emerged relatively unscathed (with just a scratch or ten), I can safely all those who are still 'suffering', "Have faith and be's not going to be easy, confronting all those well-meaning ppl who keep tsking and clucking,"Why are you being so choosy...blah blah blah..." What do they know anyway?

But, as always, the worst 'critic' is yourself.

I made it easier for myself during my single days by holding to a few principles:

1) Everyone is my friend and all of them are potential fun planners & partners :)

2) To be married to the wrong person is a million times worse than to be single and having fun. So count your blessings!

3) Have faith in God's plan. He has something in mind for you. You just need to be open and silent long enough to hear Him.

4) Have faith in yourself. You're a terrific person who just hasn't been found by your life partner yet!

5) Life is too short for worries... so don't waste it!

As consolation for those who are still single...married life isn't all roses, you know. But...why waste time focusing on the negative bits?

As for finding the 'perfect' person...I'd like to know if there IS such a person. What I have come to realize (for myself!) is that I needed to find someone who I could share my life, my jokes, my happiness and my sorrows with. At the same time, I needed to be able to accept his faults. Besides I have plenty of my own faults for HIM to accept.

I found out early on that I 'scared' quite a number of men off. Whether it was with my strong personality or ... surprise surprise...the place I originated from. Friends who know me will understand ... ha ha ha.. However, my answer to that has always been "It's their loss."

I doubt a perfect person exists. But this is something only an individual will be able to answer or find out for himself or herself. Different strokes for different folks, I always say.

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