Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dealing With Data and People

My head is aching and my eyes are red....

I've been downloading excel files from my inbox for the past three days and copying the data from each file into a master file.  And in the midst of all the data crunching, I get my patience tested.

Test One
Mr X : Hello, this is Mr X from School PQR.  Actually what is it that you want?
Me : May I know who attended the briefing two weeks ago?
Mr X : I did.  But I'm not sure what you want.
Me : (pauses to find a chair to sit down and takes a deep breath).  Okay, Mr X, do you have the CD? 
Mr X : Have to open the CD ah?  Can't you just tell me....?
Me : Okay, when you open the CD, you'll find four folders. Click open Folder entitled Program MNO, then click open Folder entitled...
Mr X : Wait wait... let me find a computer.  Wait ah... you don't mind, do you?
Me : No............................................. I don't mind.

Test Two
Me : Hello, Mr W.  I am Pn. Roslyn from XXX.  I received the CD from your school but there's no data in it.
Mr W : Really?  When I checked it, it was okay.
Me : Okay, well, whatever it is, I need the data.  Can you email it to me?
Mr W : I'll go over this afternoon.
Me : Thanks.

A few hours later....
Mr W : Hi.  Here's another CD.
Me : Okay, thanks. (inserts CD in computer).  Mr W, there's nothing here.
Mr W : Huh??? That's strange.
Me : Did you burn it into the CD?
Mr W : Burn it?
Me : Yes,... burn it.
Mr W : No, I just clicked on 'send it ...'
Me : You need to BURN it into the CD.


Mr W : Can I email it to you tomorrow morning?
Me : That would be great.

Test Three
Me : Hello, Mrs Q.  I am Pn Roslyn from XXX.  I tried to open your diskette (!!!) to get the excel file but I couldn't.
Mrs Q : That's strange.  I could open it here in my school.
Me : Yes... but I have tried opening it in two of our office computers.  I cannot access the data.  Can you email a copy to me?
Mrs Q : Okay la... tomorrow ah?  I don't have internet at home.

Test Four
Mrs J : Hello, Pn Roslyn, I have a problem.  I don't know how to make the graphs appear. 
Me : The graphs are auto-generated.  Just key in the data.
Mrs J : But where are the graphs?  .They appear where?
Me : Are you in front of the computer?
Mrs J : Need to open the computer ah?  I just shut it down.
Me : Errr... okay, . I'll just explain it then.
Mrs J : Ya.. better like that.
Me : When you open the excel file, there are worksheets....
Mrs J : Hahhh???
Me : You know, the little names at the bottom of the spreadsheet.  You can click to see different pages?
Mrs J : Oh ya...
Me : Well, the first worksheet is entitled JXH, the second is TGH.... so the graphs are on the fifth worksheet....
Mrs J : *white noise*
Me : Hello?   Mrs J?
Mrs J : Wait, I'm switching on the computer.

I  N E E D  P A N A D O L!


Miss Mathew said...

Dearest Pn. Roslyn, breathe in, breathe out....*hepi tots - hepi tots* ...knowing u, u dont need em' panadols! U R A SUPERWOMAN!

P/s: hehe! DISKETTE??? OMG! kasian owh kan...

Roslyn said...

Superwoman is being pelted with kryptonite laaaa....