Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Right Reason To Become A Teacher

I was reading a friend's blog post where he expressed his frustration with teachers who just didn't care.

It is sad to meet such teachers as actually they are suffering inside.  Either they have forgotten the magic of teaching and seeing the light of knowledge in their students' eyes or they never really knew that magic at all.  But then why are they in the teaching world at all?  Teaching is a VOCATION, which means it is a career you are called to.  Something you have a need to do, a strong inclination towards. 

For me, to teach is life.  I MUST teach, I NEED to teach...otherwise I feel dead inside.  When I teach something new and a student says,"Oh wow...I didn't know that...", my day is made.  If I teach and I see a bored expression on a student's face, I cannot rest until I find out why that student is bored and how to dispel that look.  If you are a teacher and you're reading this and you do not understand, then you should ask yourself why on earth you are torturing yourself in a career that doesn't fulfil you.

But sadly, too many people will say,"I need to earn money." or "Well, I can't find a job elsewhere."  And BECAUSE there are many people like that in schools, they feel it is all right to have such an attitude.  They do not even feel embarrassed to admit such a thing.  Safety in numbers, you see.

You should teach because you like imparting knowledge to young people and you want to build the right sort of future for your country.  So if you have been teaching half-heartedly for the past twenty years and you don't like the current crop of leaders we have in our country right now, perhaps you should think of what share of the blame belongs to you.

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