Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Son And His Homework

My son's only six but he already grapples with homework every night. His teacher gives him two sentences every day to copy out five times; one in English and another in Chinese...or Malay and Chinese. Tonight he has to do 'The weather is fine." and also ' ~&\%$*@~' Sorry ah, I don't know how to read Chinese characters.

Besides homework, he has also learned the skill of procrastination.

Mummy, I'm thirsty. Homework cannot be done until he gets a drink.
Mummy, it's hot. Mummy switches on the fan.
Mummy, got cheese? Mummy looks at son and walks to the kitchen to find a slice of cheese.
Mummy, I want the cheese cut in triangles. Mummy finds a knife and cuts cheese in triangles.
Mummy, I want eraser. Mummy asks where his eraser went. He says already gone.

This happens every night. With varying differences in his requests.
Mummy is now an expert in perfect cheese triangles, optimum fan angles and keeping a supply of erasers and sharpeners.


rinafarizan said...

a good sweet :)

Roslyn said...

Rina, sometimes I bite him. Geram betul...