Thursday, August 20, 2009

Asian Schools Football Under-15 Championships Farewell Dinner

Attended the ASFF Under 15 2009 Farewell Dinner at Palace Hotel tonight. Well, actually I emceed the function together with Henry N... so, yeah, that qualifies as having attended the function.

I am feeling happy about it because things generally went well and the evening ended on a high note. The food looked good ... although emcees hardly ever get the chance to eat (no time and no appetite!). I just assumed the food tasted good based on the empty plates heaped on the tables.

Started the evening with a multimedia presentation (recap of the championship events), moved on to the usual speech of farewell and handing-out of certificates of participation & appreciation, dinner, songs and dance by the Sabah College singers and dancers (I thought Abd Khareez did a great rendition of Hello Beautiful!), exchange of souvenirs among the contingents.... and CONTINGENT TALENTINE!

I wasn't expecting much, considering that the contingents came to play footie...but I found myself thoroughly entertained!

The Thais did a kick boxing routine... males ALWAYS love a display of testosterone...and so did I!

The Bruneians sang a love song with lots of hand clapping and Param Pam Pam! Such cuties...

The guys from Sri Lanka sang a love song...awwww... and also did some dance routines...they looked like they were having a ball onstage!

The Macao contingent sang Cantonese songs about friendship and love, complete with lights and hand-waving. They even handed out the little lights to certain members of the audience to join in the fun!

The Chinese did a martial arts routine to Zen-like music...looked like tai chi ... reminded me of cranes in slow motion.... did I mention these kids under fifteen years of age were TALL???

The Singaporeans did an updated 60's style dance routine....really cool looking steps... looked like a version of modern line dancing....but they generated a LOT of buzz...

Thanks to Eric for this pic..!

The Indonesians did a song performance accompanied by two of them playing the guitar and one enterprising young chap doing solo dance routines.

Aaaaand the Malaysians did a CHICKEN DANCE! This classic dance for group dynamics was just the right ending to a great night... especially when the other contingents were invited to go onstage for a second round of the Chicken Dance. The kids just rushed onstage and had a ball!

A perfect ending to a perfect day....
The contingents went on a city tour ... no rain for once and there were blue skies, white puffs of cloud and turquoise seas.... just the right combination for a day out with the English teacher-tour guides :)

Forgive the blurry pics... my camera couldn't handle the fast moves...LOL...

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