Friday, August 15, 2008

Last Day of School Is Turning Out BAD....

Today is the last day of school before a much-awaited one week break.  I should be happy, right?  Yes, I should be.  But I'm NOT!

My troubles started yesterday when one of my colleagues reported the finding of a campsite in the hills behind the school.  So we (principal, senior assistants all) hitched up our baju kurung and climbed the hill.  Yep, there was a campsite all right.  Three pretty sturdy shelters.   On the way up, we also noticed that the 'campers' had ripped out the iron fencing supports, flattened the fencing and made a hole in the water tank with a convenient attachment.  Something tells me we've been sponsoring some people's water needs.   We noticed a path through the trees behind the shelters so we continued on walking.  And wow, we hit a bigger jackpot!  This time we found three wooden structures clinging to the sides of the hill.  Zinc roofs and even one mattress!  From the rubbish found, it was clear that some people have been living there.

So a phone call to the police was made.

Then things worsened today.  Around 8.30 a.m., there was a sudden waterfall behind the Special Education rooms.  SOMEONE tore off the plate covering a pipe in the side of the black water tank (which was about the size of a single storey building) and let the water gush out.  Now we know who's been giving us problems with our water system. Those *&^*# good-for-nothing PARASITES!

I can deal with people who want to survive in other people's land...even if they are hiding from the current Ops Nyah.  But did they have to destroy school fencing, steal school water and NOW let the water go to waste??????????  There must have been thousands of litres gone to waste just like that.

Then I remembered the Chemistry Lab door that was half ripped off its hinges during the last weekend.  That Monday, I marvelled at the sheer strength involved in ripping the door off... as our suspects were naughty students.  Now I suspect that perhaps outsiders were in the school grounds trying to find easy pickings.

Now guess what I have to do?  I have to make sure everything's locked up tight and ready for the one-week break.  D

*&^*#@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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