Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Free Ebook Downloads

Of course in this world of many choices and many freedoms, there also exists the greyer side of the eb00k world where c0pyr1ghted books can be made available for d0wnl0ad.  The tech savvy people will know why some of my words are spelt strangely.

A friend I know ;) is a member of a f0rum where these books are 5hared.... just imagine a community where each member buys a book to be read and disalin semula.  This can be done through simple scann1ng (sounds unbelievable, I know) or painstaking typing.  But some members are able to salin an entire book within three hours.  Editing is done individually or shared with others.  Imagine such a community where the members may number in the hundreds...

Grey grey grey....

And may I remind you that this is a crime?

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