Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cultural Night That Wasn't

It's 12.45 a.m. and I'm dead tired.

I've just returned from school.  The students participating in our Perkhemahan Perdana were supposed to have Cultural Night and I was looking forward to some interesting presentations.  Instead when I arrived, two students were down for the count...with hysteria.  One was screaming,"Stop the noise, stop the noise, why are you noisy?  Keep quiet, keep quiet, KEEP QUIET!"  Five men & boys were holding her down.  The other was already flat.  Then another student burst into tears and..well, you can picture the general degeneration.  The teachers and I went around, soothing the students and encouraging them.  I dispensed some blessed oil to the Christians.

The teachers valiantly tried to keep the activities going but in the end, we had to stop on S's advice.  She said the spirits in the area were getting agitated and angry and things were only going to become worse.  Max an ex-student began the evening, not believing in spirits...well, by now he's a total believer.

So everyone gathered in the canteen, leaving their campbeds on the field.  My admin colleague was very unhappy.  So much work and energy had gone into the planning.  But we know better now.  Next year, we'll be more prepared.

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