Saturday, June 23, 2007

Reflections of a 6-Month-Old Administrator

I've been a school administrator for 6 months now and I'm discovering things.

I like teaching young people.
I like bringing these young people into a computer lab and seeing their eyes light up. Even if it's so clearly a rare event in their lives. (Hmm, the administrator in me is scribbling notes.)
I like showing them stuff like how to throw their voice and hearing an improvement in some kids' presentations.
I like sitting in school resource centres.
I like debates, dramas, aerobics before class, march pasts..etc.
I like the Friday potluck brunches in the teachers' staffroom.
I like looking at what a school has and doesn't have and figuring out how to make things better.
I like the hurly-burly of life in school.

I don't like meetings (if they come at least twice a week and it's been thrice the past few weeks).
I don't like scolding people. Adults or youngsters. I prefer the buddy-buddy approach but sometimes instant action is required.
I don't like reports, charts and graphs. Especially if I'm the one preparing it and it's due yesterday.
I don't like marking umpteen piles of papers (especially if I just finished a batch and a new batch is coming in on Monday cos the dept insists we carry out a project of theirs. Yeah I know it's 'for our own good' but..)
I don't like clearing paperwork off my table and having the clerk heave another pile onto it.
I don't like the daily dreary office stuff that runs a school.

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