Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Pitiful Saturday

Today I dragged myself home... it's a Saturday and I had to go to work.
It's for 'Meet The Parents' day (report cards..sigh) and also a PTA meeting.

I hate meetings... unless I'm chairing it. And if I chair it, the meeting can be done within half an hour because I normally prepare everything ahead of time and the meeting is just for distribution and coordination of duties. Hmm, that shows what kinda meetings I chair.

A former boss of mine used to say that if the meeting takes longer than 45 minutes, it's not a meeting. And if so, then food must be provided. But I've had the misfortune to attend THREE-DAY meetings and in self-defense, I bought a PDA and a bluetooth keyboard. That meant I could type my executive report during the meeting itself. And if the meeting degenerates into a fruitless slanging match or an unproductive rally (where an issue gets volleyed left and right), I could open an e-book and switch off. I've completed whole reports in MS Excel (hundreds of entries) and a whole year's worth of planning during such horrendous wastes of time. When I say 'wastes' here, I'm picturing huge rolling dunes of barren land. Which is my precious time when I'm locked into such meetings. Or maybe that's too much for sticklers to language rules. Howzabout I use the word 'swathes'? But I digress.

Back to today's lament... IT. IS. A. SATURDAY.

And Saturdays are meant for glorious luxurious wallowing in wonderful stuff like shopping, picnicking, play, play, play and more play.



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