Friday, May 12, 2006

How Do You Like Your Cage?

Was sitting in front of the computer, looking at the monitor. So early in the morning, so quiet outside... and I thought of two friends from the past... a brother-n-sister pair, long out of touch. They belonged to a time when I needed nonjudgemental company, company to soothe and yet poke fun at my straitjacket conventionality. I was in turmoil then, under pressure to conform and yet desperately rebelling. But all around me were the trappings of demanding society; my job, my family, my relatives... The nonstop mantra was 'Conform Conform Conform..' My only escape was the night. But even then I only really let myself go when I was with them. And even then... not really. Control was such an issue with me. And they were so much younger than I was. And as I was about to fly off away from my 'cage', Defere came into my life. And so I traded my potential freedom for a different sort of freedom within a cage I wanted. That cage, this cage I am in now, put me squarely in the 'normal + 'conventional' world I was so desperate to escape. But Defere made it all worthwhile. And now Dylan too...

Now I realise that whatever cages we are in, what matters in what's in our minds. For we are never truly free and outside cages. The cages can be monochrome blacknwhite, psychedelic strobes whatever... but still cages all.

So I suppose the question for anyone would be "How do you like your cage?".

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