Friday, May 12, 2006

Eight Signs You Need To Grow Up

1. You blame others for the mess your life is in.
Don't like your life? Fix it already!
2. You take out your frustrations on others, especially those with less power than you.
A bully, plain and simple.
3. You judge people by the stuff they wear, the money they flash...
First impressions are important but shouldn't stop there.
4. You think too much of yourself
Guess what, your feelings aren't the most important thing in this world.
World's spinning... watch out or you'll get left behind!
5. You look down on others for whatever reason.
Today's loser can be tomorrow's winner. The final judgement only comes when you check out of this world.
6. You have a bias against others; whether colour, creed, preference or just appearance.
Keep an open mind... Life's best revenge is to make you fall in love with that man you just rejected for his appearance (after which he doesn't want you anymore!) or have you meet that woman you dissed for her background in an important boardroom somewhere...
7. You don't do things because you are afraid of what people may think.
Up to a point, people's opinions matter but not so much that you paralyse yourself.
8. You choose friends for what they can give you.
And what happens when you can't give them what they want?

I am still finetuning this list... suggestions welcome.


rol said...

i dun wanna growup... i'm a toys r us kid... something,something that i can play wit!

roslyn said...

daaa..dada dada dah.

Yeah, I know the tune. But you don't have to grow up yet, do you? So no hurry, no worries.