Friday, May 12, 2006

Fix-It Mom

I was sleeping fitfully, throat burning and head aching... when I felt someone hugging my legs. I opened my eyes... it was Dylan. He looked at me and smiled so sweetly, so trustingly.  I just knew he had an 'accident' and was waiting for me to make things all better.  And so at 2 am in the morning, I got up and bustled about while telling him to TELL me... don't just look at me and use his big expressive eyes.  Yes I will normally know what he wants (moms' telepathy?) but when I'm sick, telepathy not so effective.

That made me wonder how such a 'little' creature can change my life so much.  My priorities are all listed out beginning with DYLAN.  Defere comes a close second ... and jostles for first place sometimes.  And I REALLY know for the first time how mothers can kill for their children or be killed.  Scary?  Not at all.

So after Dylan's all comfortable and as sweet-smelling as his breath, he lies down on his pillow, tucks his little hand into mine and goes to sleep.  But of course now I'm awake, first thing I do is get a mug of java.  Now I can't sleep.  So I go on the net.

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