Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Inescapable Death

About two weeks ago, I stood outside my TESL students' class and read an SMS... My cousin Roland and my former student Dax (I was his form teacher for three years!) had just passed away.  Roland was only a year younger than me and ... Dax just got married and had just moved to a great new job.  I was just stunned and all the feelings of shock upset grief was roiling in me.  And the ever familiar question was WHY?

But Death doesn't care.  Death stalks our footsteps and we all know he's there and we all know he will come for us one day.  But when he comes too fast too soon, we are unprepared and family members are left to pick up the shattered pieces of their lives.  It's all right if one has lived a full life and lived a full cycle ... you've either got grandkids with your nose or your temper or grandnieces and nephews who remember you for your lavish treats (unlike mummy and daddy who scrimp on the chocs and fries!).  But when you haven't even seen your child walk on two feet.. and heard his or her demands for 'Barney! Barney!'...

And all the platitudes don't make any sense.

But I could be next...

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