Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Work Hassles

Don't take me wrong... I love my job because I get the chance to meet people all over Malaysia and I get to do different things everyday.  But sometimes it becomes a drag when I have too many things on my plate and I'm haunted by deadlines and the colleague who is supposed to be sharing the joy with mejust doesn't give a d***.  Yeah he has more important stuff in his life ... riiiiiiiiight....

But it really pisses me off when I sound off to other people (the ones giving me more work) and they just say,"Hey there are two of you right? Why hog the work all to yourself?"  But what do you do when work you ask the other partner to complete either is stuffed under the table or gets messed up big time?  So like an idiot I worry about the repercussions and decide to never mind just do the job yourself.  I used to keep quiet but after last year, I just couldn't take it any more and began unloading on others.  One good thing came out of it... other people began seeing what was happening and stopped unloading work on me. 

But I just ended a week of chasing deadlines and tried a bit of work sharing with the guy.  Guess what he does?  He did a bit and disappeared for about three hours.  By the time he came back, the guys waiting for the data were beginning to rumble and I had finished a chunk of the work.  So he did a bit more and the next thing you knew, he was gone.  Pffft ---- whistled down the wind!  Hey maybe he thinks I love staring at Excel files and sort through piles of paper and make loanshark-kinda calls on the phone.  Yeeeeaaah, he was making me happy...

Why am I so unlucky?  But if only he would polish his work ethic ... in other terms, he is an ideal partner.  He has gobs of know-how and speaks English like a first language (for a Malaysian).  He's entertaining and knows how to have downtime.  Just that he needs to think about priorities at work.  I used not to care about it... you know, never mind - sporting ol' me.  But sporting ol' me just woke up thinking maybe I'm stupid ol' me.

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