Saturday, October 09, 2010

Project Coming Up?

One of the dangers of being a teacher is falling into a rut.  Year in, year out, you seem to be doing the same thing... although the clients change every time.  And if you don't watch out, the kids (and the solutions you implement) will begin to look the same and will begin to feel boring to you.  Since teaching is so closely tied to my emotional state of mind, I always need to stay 'excited' and 'revitalized', which means a change in my 'scenery' or 'focus' every few years. 

Two days ago, Florence smsed me to tell me about an UPSI PhD briefing in KK.  Suddenly I remembered my shelved dreams.  It's not easy to begin a project like this... the time must be right... and the group of people too.  I'd got through my Masters with the help of friends supporting me through so many ups and downs.  I knew I needed the same thing with any further study I wanted to take up. 

Some of my friends have signed up for this postgrad programme... some at Masters level and some at PhD.  Shall I?  Should I? I am sooooo tempted!

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