Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friends That Last The Mile

I have friends who have been with me from schooldays or campus days.... we've been through happy times, stressful moments... even anger and long silences.

But when I think of them, I feel a warmth deep inside my heart for they have lasted the mile.  After all these years, they still want to be my friends :) 

I told a friend once that when you put your trust in a friend, you are giving that person a knife, which he can choose to put away and never use.  Or stab you in the back.  But I didn't tell that friend that it is possible to survive stabs in the back and still remain friends with the other.  It takes time for the wound to stop bleeding and the heart to forgive, but it is possible.


There's X, who shared many adventures with me, even though there were points of friction between the two of us.  But I would like to think that deep inside, both of us see beyond those points of conflict.  I appreciate her for being willing to share many enterprises (haha...) with me.  There were some she actively opposed but I respected her right to have an opinion and just went my way.  She's far away now, off on her own adventure but we still keep in touch.

And there's W, who can be counted on to offer a solid and rational opinion on whatever topic I care to toss her way :) Besides sharing a love for moist chocolate cake, of course.  We meet infrequently... but it's always over coffee, which always provides the perfect ambience.

Then there's C, who taught me that  love and hate can be two sides of the same coin.  I mean that in the most positive way possible... :) as I like to test proverbs.  Handled well, C is one of my favourite sounding boards.  And if he reads this, he will demand a debate rematch on the topic...LOL...

I have so many other friends, who colour my life in the most vivid shades.... and I cannot imagine my life without them.  Which is why when I meet people who don't have many friends, I have to try hard to understand them... for they seem to be quite happy with a solitary existence.  But if their one True Friend is God, I can relate.  He won't ever let you down, right?


hobbit1964 said...

Sorry but I couldn't pass on that closing remmark.
Over which I beg to differ.
I would rather say that as with other intimate relationships, we can feel let down by God. If you have never been twirled in rage at Him over an unanswered prayer or reduced to tears for feeling He turned His back on you, then I wonder how much faith has been placed in Him to begin with.
And alike other intimate relationships, the answers to and healing for our deepest hurts and disappointments in God lie in the very same place as the seat of pain: in Him.
Of course, in the bigger picture He never lets us down. Understood.
But I am a petty and finite being. The bigger picture is a tad too much for my digestive capabilities my girth notwithstanding.

Roslyn said...

But what if one believes that one can offer all the sufferings and pain up to God, just as one can offer up prayers? I am a Catholic who believes in the concept of victim souls, where souls can take on suffering on behalf of others or in reparation for sins. Even if those sins belong to other people.

And sometimes sufferings hone us so much better than other experiences. In my personal experience, it is the pain and sufferings I go through that have taught me to let go of my attachment to material things.

hobbit1964 said...

I am as you are, a Catholic. Though maybe I am already a camel and inadmissible through the needle's eye as far as heaven is concerned.
You're right.
Forgive the cliche but it looks like you are not far from the kingdom of heaven.

Roslyn said...

Only God knows :)

But I believe that I HAVE made progress in the last decade... since I began 'fighting' for the right to enter purgatory.

It is uplifting to read the stories of the lives of the saints. I view these as guidelines for me now. Years ago, I first saw the stories as a depressing thing. Then I realized that they were actually a wake-up! call to me. It was 'shocking' to come to a realization of how far I was from being a true Christian. Still struggling... but isn't the first step the hardest?

Cliches are good, by the way. From the point of view of a teacher who faces students who may be struggling with English as their fourth language!

hobbit1964 said...

I do not doubt your progress.
And as a wayward being myself,I would not want to authoritatively suggest alternative role models, as in fact your fidelity to your Catholic inheritance puts me to shame.
A true Christian though, is one who does what is right in her heart. Let us remember that Christ chose whom He chose for a reason. The common thread that bound them was that they were all failures by the synagogue's standards. Yet these were the ones who were best suited for God's work because they had their hearts in the right place. They were never self-righteous. Except for Peter, who finally saw that to claim elevation above any certain sin was to cast judgement in pride over how he would never desert Christ. His true greatness could only be realised by enduring the path of humilty after the cock crow during Christ's trial.
Now enough of this. I have exceeded my rights already and I hope you can be Christian enough to pardon me for straying.
In essence, I am glad I found your blog. I have scoured the blogsites of KK and have been left empty handed till yours. The finest quality I see in your blog is that you keep it dynamic by conversing on the comments page. That allows for evolution and refinement of both the author as well as the follower. Thanks. My faith is restored.

Roslyn said...

It helps that your comments are worthwhile reading :)

hobbit1964 said...

Cuppa coffee to you, m'lass!!!
If you knew how much I adore coffee, you would understand what I wish upon you.

Roslyn said...

Ha ha...