Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Friend Requests From The Wild Blue Yonder

I should be happy....I get requests to add friends almost every day. But how can I be happy when these requests come from Mawar Putih, Duitbah Dragon, Shmily Love, Mary Mz, Hellstrom, Freddie Mercury, Shadowrunner Daus, Friday Starz and the list goes on and on.

I thought Freddie Mercury died a long time ago.

I've tried squinting at the pictures but they are usually taken at odd angles (the current craze is to make your eyes look super big and your chin almost embedded into your neck) or of various body parts (e.g. one eye, half a forehead or a foot). I've also got requests from babies (well, the pictures are of babies... and the names are cutesy ones like BubbleBee or AngelPuff). Although I didn't think the babies actually typed out their requests.

I usually don't bother with those who have 'killer' combinations of weird nicks and weirder pictures (a skull, an X, a burger, Spongebob etc). And of course, there are requests from people whose faces I don't know from Adam.

I DO have the odd 'Antz Yaya' and 'JefGilz' but their requests either came with a message that identified them or enough detail on their profiles for me to figure out who they were.

However now I have the princely number of 139 friends requests, which I don't ignore because I'm hoping that maybe next week, the requester will post his or her real name and maybe put up his or her real picture or maybe just maybe a light bulb will blink in my head and I will realise that I DO know this person and add him or her.

But till then, I'll just keep that list as it is. After all, why on earth would I add a person I don't know?

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