Sunday, January 31, 2010

Refreshing The Mind

Ofttimes I feel a need for some quiet time. Just some time and space to myself. No thoughts of lists & deadlines, no worrying, no thinking...

Amazingly, when I first tried doing this, it was very difficult for I had become so used to filling my mind with 'noise'. The noise of the world I live in... but after a while, it became easier. Some people learn to silence their minds through meditation. I do it by listening to prayer and music, such as the ones below... can't really achieve total silence, can I?

Listening to prayers or music for a short while is like refreshing the mind... taking a step out of the crazy world I live in and going into a world of tranquility. Then after an hour or two, I feel ready to return to the craziness again.

Sleepsong by Secret Garden

The Promise by Secret Garden

1 comment:

hobbit1964 said...

Some of us are actually the embodiment of Donkey from Shrek.
We just CAN'T wind down. If nobody talks, we talk to ourselves.
So if the noise floor is high, I guess you could mantrically hum "On The Road Again".