Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friends That 'Care About You'

Was reading a book this morning...and one statement caught my attention.  The author says never to spend time with people who make negative remarks, especially those who do it 'for your own good' and who 'care about you'.

Old advice but I keep 'failing' to heed it in the name of friendship.

Just last week, a friend asked me so solicitously how I was doing at work or in my personal life.  I replied that I was doing okay, upon which she got an uncertain look on her face and looked as if she was thinking hard.  Naturally, I asked her if anything was wrong. 

What happened next was so typical.

She said,"Well, So-And-So so said to me... oh no, I shouldn't say this."

I took the bait and urged her to tell me.  Which she did and straightaway told me to forget it.

Hah, do you  think I can forget it?  It is like a stone in my shoe.  And I feel like such a stupid fool for this is what this friend does to me on a regular basis.  She likes to tell me things because she is 'worried for me'.

I think the next time she says that, I will say,"No, don't tell me." and change topic.  Some lessons take such a long time to learn...:(


Gallivanter said...

Good advice! Stay away from negative people!

Roslyn said...

I want to...but some refuse to go. So what to do? Limit contact la..