Thursday, November 20, 2008

IAB Lecturer Offer!

Well, actually, it was an offer to attend an interview :)

Two days ago, I went to the office and was told by a colleague that I had an offer letter from IAB to attend an interview for a post in Genting Highlands. She was very amused because she had received one as well (along with three other teachers in my school) and not one of us applied for the posts offered. (The posts were the usual DG44, DG48, DG52 pemangkuan...)

Some would, a great opportunity! But I think not.

First, I've already applied for a DG48 post as a Form Six Academic Teacher (more on this in the next post). The possiblity of my getting it is pretty good (fingers crossed!).

Second, should I be successful in this IAB interview, I would have to move from comfortable familiar KK (and also home!) to the wild woolly highlands to work. I'd have to look for a place to stay, a new school for my son, my husband would have to re-establish himself all over again work-wise (he is not a civil servant easily transferred anywhere) and I suspect that the ensuing costs would far outstrip any possible extras I hope to get as a DG48 officer. I also still remember the four months I spent living in IAB (as part of my Masters course) and the thought of living in Bentong (or elsewhere) and driving everyday up to IAB doesn't exactly inspire exaltations of joy. Don't misunderstand me. I salivate over the IAB library and the highlands are b e a u t i f u l. But when the mists come down over the buildings and I can barely see my hand before my face, and worse, when I think of living in or around or near KL.... I begin to feel the atavistic instinct to fight or flee. The highlands and KL are great places to holiday in...but not to live in. Not for me, anyway. And the place is very scary at night. Very.

Third, I think I am more needed in my state than in Genting Highlands...and people who are needed will be better appreciated. Heh.

I called an old university mate Dr Ahmad Rafee Che Kassim who is currently serving in IAB and he told me that if I want a work environment that challenges me and supports my interest in research (and a future PhD qualification), then I should try my best to ace the interview. But if I want to put my family first (the dilemma of most working ladies!), then perhaps I'd better stay where I am. I also called my Master coursemates working in the Institut Perguruans to check whether they got the offers. No, they didn't. Most probably that's because they are already under BPG and not to be poached. Other people who I knew received the letter were a principal and PKHEM in Tambunan and a PK1 in Kota Marudu.

It looks like all those with Masters and PhDs were posted the same letter. Well, my interview's at 8.30 a.m. today and I won't be attending. I also sent an SMS to the officer in charge, informing him of my non-attendance. It is always politic to be courteous.

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