Saturday, November 15, 2008

First Real Day Of Holiday!

Today is the first real day of the year-end holiday!

Yesterday didn't count cos I was at work till 4 p.m., sitting in a data meeting at the KK District Education Office. I didn't really mind that much as the officers in charge of the meeting were funny and cheerful. As usual. Well, they have to be as they were asking the schools to fill up a database. Usually a finicky messy crazy job. I didn't have to do it as my data officer was there. My job was to carry the school chops, school letterheads and responsibility to approve.

Now what shall I do today?

I plan to start off with a good hearty breakfast. Keeping in mind my latest resolution to try and make my blood as alkaline as possible.

Next I may go to Karamunsing Complex to see what the Laptop Fair has to offer. Not that I want to buy a laptop. My Inspiron 700m is still serving me well.

Then I may check my ebook folders. I've been downloading so many ebooks that I probably have a few hundred that I haven't read yet.

Yes, that should make for a memorable Saturday.


Rahmah said...

hi roslyn,
love your blog. how about adding some picts? would be great u know

Roslyn said...

Hi Rahmah, thanks for the kind comment. Yes, I should upload some pictures...

I'm currently at an English Teachers Debate Competition in Sabah (State level)...having a wild and woolly time :) Hee hee hee...

Rahmah said...

you must be a great debater. hope you get to represent sabah

Roslyn said...

No, I left my debating days a long time ago.

Ever heard of the saying "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach."?

I am a mediocre debater who just happens to know how to coach debaters. I'm not the best but I'm very patient and very thorough. I don't have any secret strategies. But not many people are willing to go to the lengths I do.