Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Woman Power

What does woman power mean? I believe that it refers to a woman's courage and endurance, no matter what happens.

A woman who has power is a woman who fights for what she wants.
She is...
... the schoolgirl speaking up for a place on the debate team.
... the sweeper lady who is fighting to put food on the table for her children.
... the housewife who is battling to keep hearth and house together.
... the bank officer struggling to balance accounts in time for her to rush home and have dinner with her family
... every woman who has ever hungered for something and fought for it no matter how many times she gets beaten down.

And all of a sudden, I thought of Jessica Rabbit.

Jessica Rabbit, the quintessential sex-on-legs who KNEW what she looked like and yet accepted it and still got on with her life with her darling Roger. AND she was willing to fight for that life.
I really liked that about her...

And the part in the film when she's revealed for the first time can still produce total silence among first-time viewers even now.

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