Friday, July 11, 2008

Rattled By Life! Where's My Security Blanket!

Sometimes things happen that rattle me. They aren't earthshaking or life-endangering or stuff like that. But when they happen in a combination, I get rattled.

So when that happens, I look for my security blanket.

For some people, security blankets may mean an old teddy bear, a favourite rocking-chair or whatever. My security blankets are human beings who let me vent and they even go,"Uh-huh..." very patiently when I spout nonsense.

My husband is one (obviously!) and I also have one in Johor, one and a half in KL and two in KK.
But after pouring out all my fears and worries onto them, I feel so relieved.

In case anyone wonders, this particular kind of security blanket takes about ten years to develop.

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