Monday, June 30, 2008

What Happens When You Don't Have A Thesaurus

I'm sitting at my table, checking my email while keeping an eye on my five-year-old who is wrenching the life out of his PS2's joystick.  He insists on calling it a remote...well, whatever.

This particular game he's playing is both entertaining and horrifying me. 
The warthogs trying to flatten a panda are entertaining. 
The lines scrolling across the screen at the beginning of every episode horrify me.

Long ago, in a time of ancient timeless time....


Legend tells of a legendary warrior whose skills are the stuff of legend...


Haven't the game writers heard of a thesaurus???? 
Now I'm not only worried about the violence level...I'm worried about the dearth of creative vocabulary on offer!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ros,
Simply shocking isn't it (the game and the language)? I find that a lot of kids are playing very violent computer/tv games these days, and some games are just horrendous!!

Wow, Dylan 5 already? So fast they grow ya? Hmm that means Ian is 5 too :-) ahhh I can feel the age thingy!!!


Anonymous said...

all this while i have been skipping the (what i thought were) boring intros. but now i will slow down and read every line before jabbing the start button!

roslyn said... might prefer to jab that start button straightaway!