Saturday, June 07, 2008

Fuel Price Rise Begins Lifestyle Change

Didn't join in the mad hustle for fuel two days ago. Wouldn't have made it before midnight anyway. The crowds were unbelievable.

So yesterday I went to the fuel station. Filled the tank up and for 43 litres, I had to pay about RM117. Wowch...
Before I would have had to pay only RM85 (plus minus). 43 litres would only last me about a week and a half.

But this has been coming for a long time... The Malaysian government couldn't have maintained the subsidies forever.
So what does it mean for an ordinary civil servant like me?

Less of everything I want and moderate amounts of everything I need.

I surfed the net for strategies on achieving the above and here are some pointers I found:

a) Buy less books. You can download thousands of free ebooks from :
and most online ebook sellers offer free ebooks (google and find out for yourself.)

b) Read at the library. Newspapers, magazines aaaaaaand books.

c) Eat out less. Try bringing sandwiches from home and make use of the pantry at the office. A friend of mine brings Nescafe sachets and only asks for hot water at the coffeeshops (though this takes nerve!)

d) Carpool. If you cannot do this every day, why not try it twice a week?

e) Cut your Astro packages. It's humanly impossible to watch all the channels all the time, anyway.

f) Shop only during sales (and only for NECESSARY stuff). You won't die if you don't buy that pashmina shawl.

g) Cut down on bank fees. Not all banks charge savings account fees and you don't need all your credit cards. One credit card is quite sufficient (and if it isn't, you should know that it's a danger signal)

h) Downsize. Thinking of buying that double storey bungalow? Maybe a smaller house or apartment would be better. Always grabbing a latte at Starbucks? What's wrong with the coffee at home or the kopitiam? Dreaming of a New Zealand holiday? Why not go to Kundasang and stay at Kinabalu Pine Resort? Beautiful place, by the way...

i) Make extra cash. Yes, it means extra work...DUH. But it would really help, especially if you're not willing to give up a lot of stuff.

I think if I do only half of the above, I'd still be able to save a lot of money.


Anonymous said...

Still can't sleep. So I surf to kill the time. Read it, funny but I can't smile?!?! Prior to this, I spent RM76 a week for 39-40 litres. Now just like you, I think, I will have to pay RM2.70 x 40 litres = RM 100.80. Can you suggest a way to earn extra cash to fill the gap! Your wisdom is needed...

Roslyn said...

Earning extra cash means less free time! Ideas coming up...check my next post.