Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Words That Bring People To My Blog

Took a look at my counter...and found out the top ten keywords that search engines respond to with my blog address.
1. Fail Meja
2. PTK
3. Manual Prosedur Kerja
4. PTK3 DG44
5. PTK DG44
6. Oxymoron Lesson Plans
7. Oxymoron Lesson Plan
8. Oxymoron Worksheet
9. Kursus PTK DG 44
10. PTK DG 44

and among the strangest were 'wishabi', 'oxymoron for bill gates' and 'riding a dead horse solutions'.


Maybe I should set up databases for PTK and oxymoron lesson plans. What do you guys think? And this post will probably increase the probability of the above list being maintained...heh heh heh.


bqa said...

I found your blog while trying to find material for my ptk dg44.I'm going this June.Thanks for your tips. I've started taking vitamins and also doing some reading. do you have email?

Roslyn said...

Hi, bqa, please send me your email via this blog and I will reply. I will not publish your email address in my blog...otherwise the spambots will start flooding your email box :)