Saturday, March 31, 2007

Swisscash and Its Like

One of the first things I encountered in my workplace was Swisscash. Someone tentatively broached the subject. I immediately pontificated on the evils of pyramid schemes. Such an approach normally stops any chance of attempts to persuade. :)

Yeahh, evil me.

However I noticed that a friend of mine was itching to invest. I sat down and told her about such schemes. I mean, you put money in something.. you have to get something concrete in return. Whether it's a pie, a share certificate or a brick. This Swisscash thing (and now I hear of IPC?) doesn't offer anything concrete. Just cash into an account and miraculously it will breed and grow and do better than Berkshire Hathaway. Or Fidelity Magellan. Isn't the top in earnings George Soros's company? Whatever lah.

But that friend of mine is still straining to invest. The only thing stopping her from dumping her money in is some cockup she's in, thanks to a crooked lawyer. But once that's straightened out, she'll probably run into the nearest Swisscash lookalike. They should call it Swishcash.

I just don't get it.

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