Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gift Wrapping & Memories

Began wrapping the Christmas gifts... ya, I know, Fr. Nick was thumping the pulpit two Sundays ago saying Christmas isn't about presents.  Well, the presents may not be a religious part but they sure as heck are one of the most important cultural parts!

And as happens every year, as I fit the paper to the gift and cut the tape just right, memories come flooding in.  I've wrapped all sorts of gifts; gifts for siblings, gifts for student Christmases, gifts of hope .. and all kinds of feelings are associated with these Christmas gifts. 

Gifts in my family aren't the super expensive type.  They are meant to show that someone's thinking of them... I've had the most fun looking for unusual or quirky gifts.  But I have never managed to master the art of choosing gifts for men.  I usually fall back on stuff like socks, shirts and hankies.  I think the males in my family are swimming in the stuff.  But I do so like to shop for gifts...

Strangely enough, this year, I had some painful thoughts.  There was a time I wrapped a gift for a friend who liked to shoot verbal arrows my way.  One of those arrows still sting when I remember.  But I tell myself that she was not cruel... but she was just feeling cruel that particular day.  I wondered sometimes why she felt she had to be cruel to me.  Haven't talked to her for quite a long time now.  Life hasn't been kind to her. 

But I always believe that each one of us have a metaphorical cup of sorrow within us.  When we get more than we can handle and the cup overflows, we need to pour the pain out.  Unfortunately it is the people closest to us who get the acid splashes.  So when people hurt me, I think,"The cup is overflowing..."  Yeah, I know... no need to tell me that I don't have to sit down and take other people's rubbish.  But if you retaliate all the time, when will it ever stop?  And most times, the offender realises his or her mistake and feels sorry.  And in case you were wondering, when I can't take the splashes of acid anymore, I just go away.


Shahrul said...

Guys are eaaaaaaaaaasy (I should think so). Just get them a new gadget. Doesn't have to be necessarily new. A mouse would do just fine. Just remember, gadgets.

Your ex-student.

roslyn said...

Gadgets? Hmm, I saw some transparent mouses (mice?) at Karamunsing with plastic fish swimming in some water. Gaudy though.