Sunday, December 03, 2006

Four Income-Tax Things To Do Before The End of the Year

Was reading a magazine (Personal Money). Interesting article about income tax.

4 Things To Do Before 2007
1. Add up all the book receipts for 2006 till it comes up to RM700. If not, go buy some more so you can get the max deduction.
2. Been thinking of insurance? Well, my life insurance + EPF is way over maximum so no need to top up. But my medical insurance is still only around RM2000. And I don't really need any more.
3. Medical check up? I can deduct RM500 for this. Hmm, actually I really do need this. Ponder ponder ponder....
4. Tax residence planning? Non applicable.

Hey, I can do Thing No. 1 while I do springcleaning, right? Thing No. 3 can swirl around in my head.. but I wanna nag the hubby to go get one. I kinda want him around for at least a half century more...

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