Thursday, November 02, 2006

KPPM's Visit to SK Kipovo Penampang

31st of October 2006 was a big red-letter day for SK Kipovo, Penampang. For the Director General of Education, his five deputies and twenty plus directors all descended upon the pretty rural school.

SK Kipovo's one of the schools involved in a projek rintis for the I-Board technology (basically converts a whiteboard into a touchscreen) and the synergy between the teachers, the students and the technology there is good enough to get the DG to drag all his big guns all the way from Putrajaya to Penampang.

So on the last day of October, officers swarmed all over SK Kipovo, the visitors to see what the technology was all about and the local education officers to smooth the way the path the very AIR in and around the school. I was the 'lucky' creature assigned the MC job. Do it well, you sleep well at night. Do it badly... hmmm, better start pondering alternative work choices. No lah.. ha ha .. just joking. But an MC can make or break a function. Say the wrong thing or mention the wrong name... or worse, leave out some big shot's name and the shiver down your spine may stay longer than you wish.

Personally I like feeling nervous before I begin emceeing. It makes me worry about my script, the list of VIPs' names, the microphone, the speakers, the rostrum, the tokens of appreciation etcetera etcetera ad nauseam. I even pass my script around to any and all who I can grab. But that nervousness has helped me prepare better. I may cause friends to run when they see me approach them with a script but well, what to do?

My emceeing at SK Kipovo was good. Best of all, the Sabah Director of Education said,"Good job."


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