Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fish Out Of Water

The first time I learned about HTML code, I was already in my mid20's and my tutor was a 16-year-old who treated code with as much ease as she did her schoolbag and textbooks.  Familiar story huh?  But I wanted so badly to have my own webpages.  Sara was my key to those webpages.  Lucky she was accommodating.

I went on to more complicated stuff and had the greatest fun.  But I found myself a fish out of water.  Or is it a fish on land?  There I was using email, setting up websites... even now, I am blogging and just set up a tagboard.  But the majority of my IRL friends (same age and common interests) don't do the Internet.  They don't email and they don't get what a blog is about.  Worse, I keep setting up emailboxes for them and they keep losing their passwords.  Some are okay.  But they don't do Internet communication.

So my blog's not so much for communication... it's more for my personal records.  The funny thing is my blog gets tracked down mostly by former students or ICT colleagues.  As you've figured out, my closest friends aren't exactly ICT mavens.  The Internet for them is a bother because they have to go through the hassle of booting up the PC and logging onto the net.

So I find myself mostly communicating with younger relatives and friends. 

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