Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Been Busy Working and Living

Dear Blog

I'm so sorry I let you gather dust and cobwebs... but I've been busy working..and living.  Working in Maktab Sabah is great, least of all just 'cause I get to be with students.  Students are fun to be with and most of them actually want to learn something.  Their only agenda is to score better marks or improve their skills.  My legal eagle other half scolds me sometimes for trusting people but you know what, assuming people have ulterior motives is very tiring.  Plus it's such a waste of my time.  I prefer to opt out of that existence.

As for living, I've been tending to my new home... gardening is pretty exhausting work.  My best 'witnesses' are my back and my arms.  Oh, and I found out that feeding birds with dried rice kernels makes them think all other stuff in the area is meant for them too.  Such as my newly-sprouted vegetable seeds.  Sigh.  But I do like them birds.

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